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We love unblocking the finance.

It is no secret, unless you fit a ‘model’ which with many lenders is very restricted it is now much more difficult to get a mortgage for many many people. The banks and building society want it that way, the government too.

But it can still be done for many who do not fit that standard model. You have to know how to do it, think it out, present it well, choose the right lender with the right lending criteria for you and pilot it through. That’s exactly what we do at Paxton.

We are so pleased that more and more people are finding us. We love unblocking the finance.

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Meet The Paxton Mortgage Team

Trisha Page

Tricia Page : Director, Mortgage Advisor & Insurance Specialist

Martin Greenstead

Martin Greensted: Mortgage Advisor

Martin Greenstead

Mandy Bath : Mortgage Specialist

Martin Greenstead

Peter James : Mortgage Broker

Martin Greenstead

Emma Graham : Insurance Specialist

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What Our Clients Say

I was recommended to Martin Greensted by my accountants as I needed help with arranging new mortgage facilities. Martin quickly understood what we were trying to do and was invaluable in helping us pull together all the right information for the application and in then taking on the hassle of chasing through the mortgage process. This was going on during the mortgage drought following the financial crisis and thanks to Martin we got the outcome we needed. I would not hesitate in recommending his services.”